From the Editor

  1. 800-Gallon-Per-Day Home Leak Baffles NJ Couple, Utilities

    For almost a year, 2.5 gallons of water has flowed into a New Jersey couple’s home every 50 seconds. And despite their best efforts, neither they nor local utilities can figure out why.

  2. 'Wastewater Assimilation' Program Draws Controversy In Louisiana

    A controversial wastewater treatment practice taking place between New Orleans and Baton Rouge is meant to serve as an efficient alternative to standard processes.

  3. Historic Flooding Has Major Fallout For Water, Wastewater Treatment Operations

    After historic flooding overtook the Missouri River and Mississippi River basin, large sections of the country were inundated with water. In the aftermath, it’s clear that local water and wastewater treatment operations were not immune to the catastrophe.

  4. Will Camp Lejeune Water Project Get Trumped By Border Wall?

    Proposed improvements and new construction on the physical border between the U.S. and Mexico have long been central to President Trump’s agenda — a plan that has drawn both support and condemnation.

  5. Florida Lawmakers Want To Increase Sewage Overflow Penalties

    A politician in Florida thinks he has a new solution that will curb untreated sewage spills in the state: increasing the penalties for those responsible.

  6. Cape Fear: 1,4-Dioxane Imperils N.C. Drinking Water

    Increased treatment processes apparently haven’t been enough to curb levels of a potentially dangerous contaminant in a North Carolina water supply.

  7. Vermont Senate Sets Maximum Contaminant Level For PFAS

    Vermont’s senate has passed a bill that sets a stricter standard for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) contamination in drinking water. 

  8. Tacoma Utility Worker Gets Six-Figure Settlement In 'Bro Culture' Case

    A city in Washington State has agreed to settle a lawsuit with a former employee who accused its public utility of encouraging a workplace hostile to women.

  9. 20+ Years Out Of Service, Indiana WTP Still Incurring Massive Costs

    Even though a local water treatment facility was closed more than two decades ago, a city in Indiana is paying more than $500,000 to maintain it due to a dangerous leak.

  10. Will More Strategic Funding Spur Water And Wastewater Treatment Innovation?

    The technological innovation that powers water and wastewater treatment processes — like new membranes for produced water cleanup or desalination technology for stressed water systems — is largely what drives the industrial and municipal treatment industries forward.