From the Editor

  1. A Study To Stop Nutrient Pollution, Once And For All

    The U.S. EPA has initiated a national study on nutrient removal with the end goal of providing the nation’s wastewater treatment plants with the information needed to solve the growing problem.

  2. Helping Small Systems Take A Big Stand Against PFCs

    The U.S. EPA lends advice on how small systems can combat increasingly troublesome PFC contamination.

  3. As Communities Grow, Wastewater Needs Become Challenges

    As cities grow, so do their need for wastewater treatment capacity. As small communities across the country have demonstrated recently, this growth isn’t always easy.

  4. Wastewater Plants Turn Focus To Energy Savings

    In one example of a broader trend, a New Mexico utility is making a shift to energy-efficient wastewater treatment plant by installing a solar farm.

  5. Tips For Improved Dewatering

    An industry expert shares three universal keys to drier cake solids concentration, as well as a comparison of dewatering technologies.

  6. Is Ozone The Best Technology For Micropollutants?

    Ozonation for water and wastewater treatment has been around for decades, but with micropollutants becoming more prevalent and regulation looming, is it time for more wastewater operations to consider investing in it?

  7. Studying The Safety Of Alternative Water Sources

    A new project from the Water Research Foundation seeks to determine quality parameters for alternative drinking sources and get utilities that much closer to accessing them.

  8. Are EPA Mandates Overburdening The States?

    A new report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce blasts the U.S. EPA and the Executive Branch for imposing environmental mandates without giving voice or financial consideration to the states’ plight.

  9. NASA Drone Program Could Have Lake Erie Soaring Past Toxic Algae

    By equipping drones with sophisticated monitoring equipment, NASA and a team of researchers hope to give treatment plants a chance to stay ahead of harmful algal blooms.

  10. Are You Ready For Service Loss?

    A recent workshop from the U.S. EPA helped utilities gauge their preparedness for emergencies that could knock out water and wastewater services.