From the Editor

  1. Training The Next Generation Of Operators

    St. Cloud Technical and Community College’s WETT program prepares students for careers as water and wastewater plant operators with a 95 percent placement average.

  2. Fixing The Water Sector’s Resiliency Problems

    The National Infrastructure Advisory Council has submitted a report on water sector resiliency to the White House, recommending the removal of federal obstruction and increased collaboration between utilities.

  3. How Will British Water Survive Brexit?

    Amid uncertainty of how, or if, business will continue in an independent UK, the industry trade association British Water is confident that it can help members navigate the new landscape.

  4. Controversial Proposal Holds Residents Accountable For Nitrogen Pollution

    Residents of Martha’s Vineyard, MA, are debating a controversial potential new regulation, which would hold homeowners responsible for the nitrogen in their wastewater and its impact on area bodies of water, reports the Vineyard Gazette.

  5. WWTPs Work Together To Recover From West Virginia Flood

    The state of West Virginia is still recovering from the historic flood on June 23rd, which brought 8 to 10 inches of rain in six to eight hours in parts of the state.

  6. 'Green Streets' Program Offers Lessons In Stormwater Management

    The U.S. EPA, Chesapeake Bay Trust, and Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources are supporting 17 local projects to protect Mid-Atlantic watersheds and inspire the adoption of green infrastructure and effective stormwater management.

  7. 10 Technologies And Breakthroughs From ACE16

    This year's Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE16), held by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) from June 19 to 22, was the first following the tragedy of Flint — a time when the drinking water industry is under intense scrutiny.

  8. How To Incentivize Green Infrastructure

    A new project from the Water Research Foundation will look into how utilities can encourage green infrastructure and low-impact development on private property.

  9. TSCA Modernization: A Dose Of Common Sense

    After 40 years, the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) has finally been updated, much to the delight of most — but certainly not all.

  10. Southern Nevada’s WaterStart Vets New Technologies In The Desert

    The Southern Nevada Water Authority’s WaterStart program tests the latest technologies in a demanding environment, preparing them for introduction around the country.