From the Editor

  1. Kevin Costner’s New Waterworld: Advancing Treatment Technology

    The actor is behind a company that has introduced advanced membrane technology to overcome water treatment challenges.

  2. A Filtration Solution For When Spring Has Sprung

    This mobile filtration technology offers water treatment operations a chance to combat the runoff and solids brought in by seasonal ice melt.

  3. Following Catastrophic Flood, Wastewater Workers Lead Recovery

    When electrical issues caused effluent pumps to shut down at the West Point wastewater treatment plant in Seattle, WA, influent levels began to rise and flooded the plant, leaving it severely damaged.

  4. With The Prospect Of Lighter Restrictions, Wastewater Upgrades Could Be In Vain

    With the Trump administration likely to loosen wastewater treatment regulations, utilities face a conundrum.

  5. Great Danes: Making Wastewater Treatment Energy Positive

    With pressures around energy use mounting in the wastewater treatment industry, this European plant promises to provide 50 percent more energy than it requires for operation.

  6. Are Micropollutants A Threat To Biosolids?

    Micropollutants like PPCPs are known to pass through waterways and contaminate the environment. Some wonder what threat they pose as they find their way into biosolids and, eventually, into our soil.

  7. Small Cities Are Big Smart Water Proponents

    A rising number of small cities are adopting smart water meter technology as a way to cut costs.

  8. Established Routine: How To Sample For Unknown Contaminants

    The U.S. EPA has updated its sampling guidance for determining and fighting against unknown contaminants in drinking water. Here’s why routine preparation can be a utility’s best friend in case of emergency.

  9. Spinning Biogas Into Gold With Combined Heat And Power

    An ambitious project at a typical suburban wastewater facility has realized approximately $200,000 savings in annual energy costs. Similar operations will want to know: How does it work?

  10. Help Wanted? Dive Into The Water Industry's Latest Talent Pool

    The labor crisis at water and wastewater utilities across the U.S. is well documented, but answers to the problem — a graying workforce retiring en masse, resulting in both physical vacancies and knowledge gaps to fill — are much harder to find.