Drinking Water Source

  1. Coal Ash And Water Quality Debate Rages In Indiana

    Shortly after the EPA has moved to delay restrictions on coal ash dumping into water sources, concerns have been raised in Indiana about what this pollution is doing to local supplies.

  2. Stipends May Be Solution To PFC Remediation Funding

    Who should pay to resolve perfluorinated compound (PFC) contamination: well owners, polluters, local governments, states, environmental regulators, or the Pentagon?

  3. Report: Northeast Ohio Discharging Pollutants, Violating CWA

    A new sweeping report from one of Cleveland’s leading news outlets has found that hundreds of wastewater treatment plants in Northeast Ohio have been discharging pollutants in violation of the Clean Water Act (CWA) over the past five years.

  4. 517 Containers Of Unknown Chemicals Among Leak Concerns Following Harvey

    Latest on the list of water quality fallout from Hurricane Harvey: hundreds of containers of mysterious, potentially dangerous material found to have escaped and possibly to have contaminated the environment.

  5. Tannery Pollution Plagues Michigan Wells Without Long-Term Solution In Sight

    Shoe manufacturer Wolverine World Wide is under fire for polluting drinking water in Rockford, MI, and its overtures about resolving the problem have done little to reassure locals.

  6. EPA Postpones Power Plant Pollution Regulation

    Last month, the U.S. EPA announced that it would postpone sections of a rule meant to impede water pollution from coal-fired power plants.

  7. New York Water Supplies Inundated With Harmful Algal Bloom

    Though the summer temperatures that typically encourage them are waning, New York state is dealing with an inundation of toxic algae that may imperil drinking water.

  8. In U.S., 90 Million Affected By Dioxane Pollution

    An analysis released this month by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) shows that dioxane is found in drinking water in 45 states, afflicting over 90 million people in the U.S.

  9. Denver Breweries Latest To Utilize DPR Water For Craft Beer

    In the latest iteration of a familiar method for getting potable reuse to become more popular, three breweries in Denver will be making their latest batches using recycled water.

  10. As Wildfires Blaze, Portland Puts Aside Water Quality Concerns

    Water officials usually do everything they can to prevent toxic chemicals from entering their drinking water sources. That’s why eyebrows are raising about the Portland Water Bureau’s decision to approve the addition of toxic chemicals to the Bull Run watershed.