Drinking Water Source

  1. Following Harvey, Houston’s Water Quality At Risk

    Despite the valiant efforts of emergency workers and water and wastewater personnel, Hurricane Harvey has brought a sea of environmental and water quality issues to Texas.

  2. Tropical Storm Harvey Yields Source Water Contamination Concerns

    As Houston responds to the destruction wrought by Tropical Storm Harvey, state and federal environmental officials are putting an emphasis on protecting source waters from contamination.

  3. Massive Las Vegas Pipeline Plan Needs More Work

    A controversial proposal for a massive pipeline to bring water to Las Vegas has hit some turbulence.

  4. Wisconsin May Undo 20-Year Mining Moratorium

    Water concerns are a top concern as some Wisconsin legislators work to end a 20-year mining ban in the state.

  5. Cooling Tower Blowdown Wastewater Treatment For Reuse

    Megalim Solar Power Ltd’s Power Station, located in Israel’s northern Negev desert, will be the first utility-scale solar thermal or concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in operation in Israel when completed. To minimize fresh water usage in the cooling cycle and boiler makeup of the power plant, Fluence designed and supplied a containerized system for treatment of cooling tower blowdown wastewater for reuse and the production of ultrapure water (UPW).

  6. Toxic Algae Plagues Milwaukee Waters

    Toxic algae is creating headaches for Milwaukee officials this summer.

  7. $33 Million Recycled Water Plant Moves Forward Despite Opposition

    Following a lengthy legal battle, Escondido City is almost ready to begin construction on a new $33 million recycled water treatment plant.

  8. Trump Admin’s WOTUS Takedown Advances

    The Trump administration is a step closer to taking down a controversial Obama-era water regulation after it issued its economic justification for quashing the rule.

  9. California Tunnels Project Will Mean Rate Increases

    The controversial Delta tunnels water infrastructure project supported by California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to raise water bills for customers in parts of the state.

  10. U.S. And Mexico Agree On Colorado River Deal

    It is a tough moment for U.S. relations with Mexico as the two sides disagree about the merits of a border wall. But when it comes to water, the two nations still enjoy a functional relationship.