Drinking Water Regulations News Features

  1. Panning Federal Lead Rule, Michigan Proposes Its Own

    Michigan Governor Rick Snyder unveiled a plan last week to impose water-quality regulations more stringent than federal mandates.

  2. Residents Urge Federal Government To Investigate Drinking Water In East Chicago

    In East Chicago, IN, rising levels of lead are becoming more of a concern to residents and both advocacy and environmental groups.

  3. Senator Introduces Bill Urging U.S. EPA To Set Stronger Drinking Water Standards

    Earlier this month, a bill that would modify the Safe Drinking Water Act and would require the U.S. EPA to set standards for chemicals such as 1,4-dioxane was introduced by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

  4. Petition To Stop Addition Of Fluoride To Drinking Water Rejected By EPA

    Fluoride continues to be a strongly-debated issue across the country. Last month, opponents of the chemical filed a petition to stop community water systems from adding the substance to drinking water.

  5. PA Considers Water System Fee Increase To Address Safety Issues

    During a recent press conference, Patrick McDonnell, acting secretary for Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), said that the agency is considering a fee increase for public water supply systems.

  6. Trump Proposes Significant Cuts To EPA Budget

    In order to increase federal spending for the military, President Donald Trump has proposed significant cuts to the U.S. EPA.

  7. Flint Tells Feds It Needs Two More Years On Water

    The long-running water crisis in Flint, MI, is set to continue for another two years.

  8. With Uncertain EPA, New York Democrats Push Plan To Protect Drinking Water

    In order to protect drinking water in New York State, State Senate Democrats presented a new, seven-point plant.

  9. Despite Employee Campaign Against Him, Pruitt Elected To Lead EPA

    Some of the U.S. EPA’s own employees contacted their senators last month in an effort to get them to vote against the confirmation of President’s Trump controversial nominee Scott Pruitt.

  10. Website Developed To Inform Californians Of Drinking Water Standard Violations

    A new website from the State Water Resources Control Board in California showed that there are nearly 300 communities within the state that are currently not meeting safe drinking water standards.