Drinking Water News

  1. PFAS Testimony Suggests Weak Response From Michigan

    Michigan has been slow to respond to PFAS contamination despite having information about this threat several years ago.

  2. Ampac USA Shares Insightful Piece On Wastewater Treatment In Cheese Production

    AMPAC USA Sharing here some thoughts now it has turned out to be a PR nightmare for many companies. With regional and state restrictions on the water quality that is discharged, companies are now required to treat their water before rejecting it.

  3. New Flint Crisis Details Emerge

    The Flint lead crisis began in 2014, but all these years later, revelations continue to surface. Daugherty Johnson, former Flint utilities administrator, offered new insight into Flint’s water issues to Genesee District Court Judge Jennifer Manley on November 6.

  4. The FAMAE Foundation Launches The World’s Largest Challenge Dedicated To Water: PRECIOUS WATER!

    The FAMAE Foundation launches on November 15 PRECIOUS WATER!, an international innovation challenge with €2,000,000 as prize amount aimed at entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, students, researchers, NGOs, and community groups.

  5. EPA Announces Availability Of $1.5M In Environmental Justice Small Grants

    Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the availability of $1.5M for Environmental Justice Small Grants (EJSG).

  6. Iowa’s Nick Wagner Is 'Leading The Way' As NARUC’s New President

    The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners installed Iowa Utilities Board Member Nick Wagner as its new president during the 130th Annual Meeting and Education Conference held in Orlando, Fla., November 11-14.

  7. US Ecology, Inc. Announces Purchase Of Ecoserv Industrial Disposal, LLC; Further Strengthens Gulf Coast Offerings And Increases Industrial Wastewater Disposal Capabilities

    US Ecology, Inc. (NASDAQ-GS: ECOL) (“the Company”) today announced the acquisition of Ecoserv Industrial Disposal, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ecoserv, LLC, and a leading provider of non-hazardous industrial wastewater disposal solutions in the Gulf Coast.

  8. Report: South Carolina Used HaloSan To Treat Drinking Water

    State and local government have long sought to reassure residents of Denmark, SC, that their taps are safe, as many residents are suspicious of their rust-colored water.

  9. EPA: GenX Nearly As Toxic As Notorious Non-Stick Chemicals It Replaced

    GenX, introduced a decade ago as a “safer” alternative for the notorious non-stick chemicals PFOA and PFOS, is nearly as toxic to people as what it replaced, says an Environmental Protection Agency study released recently.

  10. Rapid, Flexible Water Analysis Creates Industry Stir

    The analytical process, which takes no more than two hours, was validated for the detection of the microorganisms Legionella and Escherichia coli but can easily be adapted to detect other microorganisms.