Drinking Water Filtration VIDEOS

  1. Activated Carbon Product Quality Video

    Jacobi Carbons obtained ISO 9000 certification in the early 90s and meets ISO 14001 environmental quality standards. This video focuses on Jacobi Carbon's worldwide quality assurance practices and philosophy.

  2. How Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Is Made

    From the first step of harvesting coconuts to the final, factory-finished product, Jacobi Carbon's process of manufacturing coconut shell activated carbon is multifaceted. In this video, watch a step-by-step account of how raw material import, quality assurance, and particle separation culminate in carbon types that are applicable for the municipal water treatment, home water filter, and groundwater remediation industries.

  3. Innovations In Activated Carbon

    With specialty production facilities in Sri-Lanka and China, Jacobi Carbons annually produces over 60,000 metric tons of carbon made of coconut shell, coal, and wood for use in over 100 countries worldwide. This video presents customer perspectives of the company’s dedication to innovation, customer service, and consistent, high-quality products for applications in drinking water filtration.

  4. New Treatment Technologies For Water Customers

    Elena Bailey, Director of Business Development at Ovivo, introduces new treatment technologies, including the Duet screen for grit removal and the AEROSTRIP® Diffusor for aeration. In this video, learn how the latest products in the company’s portfolio connect with customers’ needs in the drinking water and wastewater industries.

  5. AquaDiamond Cloth Media Filter

    The AquaDiamond filter is a new horizontal configuration complementing an existing line of Cloth Media Filter products.