Drinking Water Filtration Podcasts

  1. The Intricacies Of Sand: Nature’s Filter Media

    Carmine Iacuone, General Manager and Billy Leiva, Marketing Project Manager for Holliston Sand, recently sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss sand filtration in the water business. The Company, which incidentally provided the sand media for the New England Patriots’ newest Astroturf field, produces numerous sizes of sand and uniformity coefficients that are integrated into both single and multi-layer filters for the water industry.

  2. Closed Circuit Desalination Simplifies Reverse Osmosis To Drive Down Energy Costs

    As industry, agriculture and residential consumers compete for available freshwater sources, desalination continues to evolve as a viable process for increasing the available water pool. Industrial water is perhaps most critical as it accounts for as much as sixty percent of the freshwater being withdrawn in the United States today. Rising wastewater disposal costs, sustainability initiatives, and higher water efficiency standards are all fueling interest from industry in onsite brackish water reuse. However, municipal interest in water-stressed areas of the world is also on the rise.

  3. Eliminate Filter Maintenance Costs Once And For All

    Polly Stenberg, Director of Sales with Forsta Filters, explains how self-cleaning filters significantly cut costs and reduce maintenance for industrial, municipal, and irrigation applications.

  4. Looking Towards The Future Of Wastewater

    Jim Jackson, National Sales Manager for Mazzei Injector Company, discusses future trends for wastewater: direct potable reuse, ozone gas, ultra-filtration membranes, and one cutting-edge treatment plant that is now utilizing "designer" or custom-made recycled water with environmental benefits.

  5. Radium Removal, Ion-Exchange, And Backwash Waste Removal Create Higher-Quality Water

    Gary Warner, Executive Vice President of Tonka Water, discusses how radium removal, ion-exchange processes, and backwash waste removal leads to a higher level of purity.

  6. Krüger’s Clarification System Offers Flexible Water Treatment Solutions

    Lucas Magrini, Regional Product Manager for Krüger, Inc., discusses the benefits of using the ACTIFLO® clarification process for drinking water treatment.

  7. Cloth Media Filtration, Ultrafiltration And SCADA-Controlled Filtration

    Dave Holland, Senior Application Engineer at Aqua-Aerobic Systems, discusses how various filtration technologies in the company’s product portfolio address important current and future needs for end users.

  8. The Pros And Cons Of Ion Exchange Versus Membrane Technology

    Frank Caligiuri, Sales Manager for Hungerford & Terry, discusses the merits of ion exchange versus membrane technology with a focus on the constituents being removed