Drinking Water Filtration News

  1. Nation’s Largest Seawater Desalination Plant Enhances Water Supply Reliability For San Diego County

    Operations are under way at the nation’s largest and most technologically advanced seawater desalination plant, which was dedicated today by more than 600 elected officials, community leaders and project partners.

  2. New Design Software Integrates Three Technologies Into One Tool For Water And Wastewater Treatment Systems

    As water scarcity continues to increase, industrial manufacturers are under pressure to sustainably optimize their systems by reducing costs and minimizing their environmental footprint.

  3. Treatment Plant Filters Identified As Source Of Drinking Water Contamination

    University researchers in North Carolina have pointed to an unlikely culprit for water contamination: the treatment filters themselves.

  4. Desalitech To Supply Advanced Wastewater Treatment Pilot System To Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

    Desalitech, a provider of high-efficiency water production and treatment solutions, announced recently that it will supply an advanced pilot wastewater treatment system to the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, one of largest wastewater municipalities in the State of California.

  5. H2O Innovation Awarded $4.8M Of New Contracts In The United States

    H2O Innovation Inc. (“H2O Innovation” or the “Corporation”) is proud to announce that it was awarded six (6) new projects in the United States. These new contracts bring the Corporation’s project sales backlog to $58.2M.

  6. Saving Through Science: Conserving Water And Energy With Reverse Osmosis

    Our individual global water-energy “splashprint” is much higher than most of us think. Consider that it takes 2,867 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans or 1,500 gallons to make a desktop computer.

  7. Innovative Filtration And Dissolved Gas Control Products From One Reliable Supplier

    MicroPES® and DuraPES®  flat sheet membranes are superior microfiltration membranes used in many applications.

  8. CERAFILTEC Promises 'Clean Water Everywhere' With Unique Ceramic Filtration Module Molded From SABIC NORYL Resin

    According to the United Nations, water shortages will affect two-thirds of the world's population by 2025 if current consumption patterns continue. CERAFILTEC, a manufacturer of innovative water filtration solutions, is helping to address this looming crisis with a unique filtration module molded from SABIC’s NORYL glass-reinforced polyphenylene ether (PPE) resin.

  9. Microbial Testing Without The Burden: New EZ-Fit Filtration Units From MilliporeSigma

    MilliporeSigma has expanded its portfolio of EZ-Fit filtration units, ready-to-use, disposable filtration devices for bioburden testing.

  10. Forsta Filters Provides Reliable Membrane Pre-Filtration

    Raw water characteristics dictate the level of pretreatment required upstream of a membrane. By removing 98-100% of suspended particles above the degree of filtration (screen size), Forsta UF prefiltration will prolong membrane life in a fully automated system – i.e., there is no interruption to system flow during the short backwash cycle.