Drinking Water Filtration News

  1. H2O Innovation Awarded $8 M Of New Contracts In North America

    H2O Innovation Inc. (“H2O Innovation” or the “Corporation”) is proud to announce that it was awarded three (3) new contracts - two (2) wastewater projects using membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology and a drinking water project. These new contracts bring the Corporation’s project sales backlog to $55 M, which is included in the $108 M consolidated backlog (combining Projects and Operation & Maintenance contracts).

  2. 2015 Forecast: Global Expansion For Avista Technologies

    Avista Technologies,a global expert in membrane system chemistry and water treatment process support, announces initiatives for continued expansion in 2015.

  3. New KAY QSR Managed Water Filtration Program Helps Protect Beverage Quality

    Ecolab introduces the KAY QSR Managed Water Filtration Program to address the increasingly complex beverage demands of quick service restaurants (QSR).

  4. Yale University's Menachem Elimelech Appointed To Desalitech Advisory Board

    Desalitech, a provider of high efficiency water treatment solutions, announced that desalination and membrane expert Dr. Menachem Elimelech will now serve as a company advisor.

  5. Dow Announces Contributions To Flint Water Relief Efforts

    The Dow Chemical Company announced recently it will partner with Genesee County Habitat for Humanity and the United Way of Genesee County to support ongoing water relief efforts in Flint, Michigan.

  6. Sale Of Seawater Desalination Technology In China

    Modern Water plc, the owner of world-leading technologies for water and wastewater treatment and for water quality monitoring, announces that it has secured a sale of its proprietary Forward Osmosis (“FO”) technology for seawater desalination to Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center Co. Ltd (“Hangzhou Water”) in China.

  7. Aquarion Group Company H+E MFT Supplies 50,000 M3/Day Water Treatment Plant In Saudi Arabia

    Aquarion Group, a leading provider of advanced water systems, solutions and technologies for the oil & gas industry, the energy sector and other process industries, announces that H+E MFT in Cologne, Germany, has been awarded a project for design, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of a water treatment plant in Saudi Arabia.

  8. Innovative Filtration And Dissolved Gas Control Products From One Reliable Supplier

    MicroPES® and DuraPES®  flat sheet membranes are superior microfiltration membranes used in many applications.

  9. Laying Down A Discerning Membrane

    One of the thinnest membranes ever made is also highly discriminating when it comes to the molecules going through it. Engineers at the University of South Carolina have constructed a graphene oxide membrane less than 2 nanometers thick with high permeation selectivity between hydrogen and carbon dioxide gas molecules.

  10. New Water Treatment Plant On Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Provides Safer Drinking Water With GE Technology

    The city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, recently inaugurated a new water treatment plant featuring GE's ZeeWeed membrane technology to purify water from the Nanaimo River into drinking water.