Contaminant Removal Products

  1. Targeted THM Removal For Tanks

    The Trihalomethane Removal System (TRS™) is a custom-designed, energy-optimized system of mixers, aerators and ventilators that converts ordinary water storage tanks into water treatment systems. Unlike other treatment technologies for lowering THM levels (involving large-scale changes to water treatment plants), TRS™ can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively – targeting locations in the water distribution system where THMs are the highest.

  2. SLB Screening Conveyor Compactor

    Low Flow Screening And Compacting Solution
    The SLB Screening Conveyor Compactor is an ideal pretreatment screening solution for rural housing, resorts, camps and other remote treatment works. It is designed to receive pumped influent directly from 2” or 3” (50-75 mm) sewage pumps with a maximum 2” solid. It will remove trash from primary effluent flows in the range of 50 – 300 gpm (11-68 m3/hr) ahead of the biological process.

  3. Contherm Scraped-Surface Heat Exchangers

    Alfa Laval's Contherm scraped-surface heat exchangers (SSHEs) ensure removal of the fouling layer normally associated with viscous and sticky products, while also optimizing the integrity of particulates.

  4. BEVPOR PH Filter Cartidges

    Minimizing the cost of microbiological stabilization per unit volume while maintaining quality and product characteristics is a key requirement within beverage production.

  5. Filtomat AMF (Microfiber Filters)

    Innovative self-cleaning microfiber water filters for treatment as fine as 2 micron.

  6. Filter Vessels

    Covering a wide variety of process applications within diverse markets, Parker offers a broad choice of liquid and gas filters and housings that exceed industry requirements, providing high flow rates, long service life and low product binding in often demanding environments. 

  7. Hydrex™ Carbon Odor Solutions

    The Hydrex Manhole Odor Eliminator is a cost effective, user friendly odor control system designed specifically for the removal of hydrogen sulfide and other reduced sulfur-based odors from sewer manholes.

  8. SEntry™ Cartridge Filter

    The SEntry™ is a cartridge filter ideally suited for pressure and vacuum applications requiring low headroom for quick, easy access, inspection and cleaning. Side entry, coupled with tool-free cartridge removal, enables quick and easy filter access while reducing safety issues.

  9. Model R OXIGEST® Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

    The Model R OXIGEST® treatment system provides stable operation and flexible process options for sanitary and industrial/process wastewater applications with concentric tankage that maximizes space efficiency in its footprint.

  10. PEPLYN HA Filter Cartridges

    PEPLYN HA filters have been specifically developed to provide the optimum solution for particulate removal in liquid clarification applications.