Contaminant Removal News

  1. WSSC Sues Chem Firms For Alleged Price Fixing

    A mega-utility in Maryland is taking on the chemical industry for alleged price-fixing practices.

  2. EPA Mandate On Arsenic Has Helped Drinking Water Quality

    Arsenic is one of the naturally-occurring drinking water contaminants that registers highest on consumer concern charts. While it poses a serious threat, there is new evidence to suggest that the U.S. EPA is doing a good job of curbing that threat.

  3. San Diego’s Hepatitis A Outbreak: Water Warnings Went Unheeded

    As the death toll continues to rise due to San Diego County’s hepatitis A virus outbreak, reports say water officials had warned about the risk for years.

  4. Treatment Plant Filters Identified As Source Of Drinking Water Contamination

    University researchers in North Carolina have pointed to an unlikely culprit for water contamination: the treatment filters themselves.

  5. Flint Contamination Crisis Had 'Horrifyingly Large' Effect On Fetal Deaths

    New research shows that lead contamination of tap water in Flint, MI, likely had a major impact on fetal deaths.

  6. Military Camp Caught With Dead Rodents At Drinking Water Treatment Plant

    Over the summer, a drinking water treatment plant at a military base in California was found to be dealing with some particularly unsettling contaminants: dead rodents and amphibians. Now, it has entered a consent decree to solve the problem.

  7. NC Utility Begins Major GenX Pumping Project

    The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) began pumping water out of its aquifer and storage recovery site in September as part its plan to address GenX challenges.

  8. Albuquerque Reverses Water Supply Fluoridation Policy

    After halting the practice six years ago, Albuquerque has decided to once again add fluoride to its water supply.

  9. Water Environment & Reuse Foundation Announces 2017 Paul L. Busch Award Winner

    On Tuesday October 3, 2017, during WEFTEC in Chicago, IL, the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) awarded Shaily Mahendra, Ph.D., with the 2017 Paul L. Busch Award. 

  10. Officials Urge PFC Polluter To Cover Water Hookup Costs

    In Bedford, NH, officials want polluter Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics to hook homes with contaminated wells to municipal water, according to New Hampshire Public Radio.