Contaminant Removal News

  1. New Study: Cyclopure Polymer Demonstrates Superior Performance In Removal Of Micropollutants

    In another milestone development, CycloPure, Inc. announced that its micropollutant polymer, CD-MP, outperformed activated carbon in the removal of micropollutants from water in a new head-to-head study.

  2. Archis Ambulkar Contributes To Oxford Research Encyclopedia

    Mr. Archis Ambulkar, a renowned water professional, has recently made a vital contribution towards the Oxford Research Encyclopedia for the topic “Nutrient Pollution and Wastewater Treatment Systems” published by Oxford University Press.

  3. New ASTM International Standard Helps Measure Nitrogen In Water

    A new ASTM International standard will help calculate the amount of nitrogen in water samples in a more efficient way.

  4. Small But Mighty: MilliporeSigma’s ReadyPlate 55 Agar Plates For More Efficient Water And Filterable Beverage Testing

    MilliporeSigma’s ReadyPlate 55 ready-to-use agar plates offer streamlined, convenient and efficient sample testing for quality control of water and filterable beverages.

  5. Wastewater Nutrients Converted Into Clean Fertiliser

    Aalto University's water and environmental technology laboratory gives off an undeniable whiff of the sewer – and this stench has its roots in a failed West African recycling business. By Minna Hölttä

  6. An Effective Way To Eliminate Atrazine And Its By-Products In Surface Water

    Atrazine, widely used as a weedkiller, is known to have harmful effects on aquatic wildlife and presents a risk to human health by altering the action of certain hormones.

  7. Clean TeQ Awarded Contract To Supply DeSALx Technology For Mine Water Treatment Plant

    Mr Robert Friedland and Mr Jiang Zhaobai, Co-Chairmen of Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (Clean TeQ or Company), and Mr Sam Riggall, Chief Executive Officer, recently announced that Clean TeQ, through its wholly owned subsidiary Clean TeQ Water Pty Ltd, has entered into a landmark agreement with Fosterville Gold Mine Pty Ltd (Fosterville) to design, supply and commission a two million litre-per-day Clean TeQ DeSALxmine water treatment plant.

  8. City Of Lynchburg Wastewater Treatment Plant Implements Bedrock For Simplicity, Scalability And Security

    Bedrock Automation announced recently that the City of Lynchburg, Virginia has selected the Bedrock control system for its wastewater treatment operations. The City implemented Bedrock to control both de-chlorination and storm water remediation operations, and is planning other integration and control applications as part of its ongoing modernization program.

  9. Study Shows Wetlands Provide Landscape-Scale Reduction In Nitrogen Pollution

    In agricultural regions such as the U.S. Midwest, excess nitrate from crop fertilizer makes its way into rivers and streams through subsurface drainage channels and agricultural ditches.

  10. OriginClear Removes Glyphosate, Present In Up To 70% Of Drinking Water

    OriginClear Inc., a leading provider of water treatment solutions, recently announced that recent testing in the La Kretz Advanced Prototyping Center demonstrated the ability to virtually eliminate the herbicide glyphosate from drinking water by up to 99.3%. A summary report of the test is available at