Drinking Water Disinfection HEADLINES

  1. Linde To Report On Results Of OZORA System At SUEZ

    At the International Ozone Association’s (IOA) annual conference in Las Vegas, August 20-23, Linde LLC will present results of its patented OZORA oxygen recovery system, collected from an installation at a 200-million-gallon-per-day (mgd) SUEZ drinking water treatment facility.

  2. Purdue Team Offers Promising Method For Water-Stressed Areas

    Purdue University researchers have developed a method to detoxify water with chlorine and ultraviolet radiation, which may provide new hope for water-stressed areas and help promote the reuse of wastewater.

  3. De Nora Introduces Latest Ozone Offering At SIWW 2018

    To address increasingly complex water treatment issues and standards in Asia, De Nora officially introduces its CAPITAL CONTROLS® ozone generators at this year’s Singapore International Water Week (SIWW).

  4. De Nora Develops Innovative Solution To Address Public Safety Concerns In Hong Kong

    De Nora, a leading designer of safe, innovative, and sustainable water disinfection and oxidation, filtration and electrochlorination solutions, will supply water disinfection systems forten water treatment plants to the Water Supplies Department of Hong Kong S.A.R.

  5. The Water Research Foundation Seeks Proposals To Develop A Research Roadmap For Disinfection Byproduct Toxicity Tools

    The Water Research Foundation is seeking proposals to begin research on Development of a Roadmap for DBP Toxicity Tools, Surrogates, and Indicators to Help Utility Decision Making (#4944).

  6. Channel Mixers For Municipalities, Komax On A Large Scale

    The treatment of raw water entering a Water Treatment Plant through a rectangular channel can seem like a daunting task with an added problem of low allowable pressure drop, injection of chemicals, and the desired homogenous blend of output downstream.

  7. Water Treatment First As Scottish Water Trials Nyex

    Scottish Water is set to undertake the world’s first long-term trial of Arvia’s Nyex treatment system on drinking water at a specially established pilot plant in West Lothian. The trial, which will run separately to the existing water treatment works at Pateshill, will assess the effectiveness of the system in removing organic material from raw water.

  8. UVA Engineers Quadruple Performance Of Their Water Purification Tablet

    ceramic water purification tablet developed at the University of Virginia and used by tens of thousands of people in 40 countries is now four times better than before, thanks to recent innovations in its manufacturing process developed through research at UVA.

  9. Xylem’s Ozone Technology To Deliver Reliable Drinking Water At Lowest Possible Life Cycle Cost In Grand Forks, North Dakota

    Xylem Inc., a global water technology leader, recently announced that its ozone equipment has been selected to support the City of Grand Forks in developing a new regional water treatment plant.

  10. DNA Testing Can Rapidly Solve Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreaks

    A DNA test method called polymerase chain reaction (PCR) allowed New York City health officials to identify the source of a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak within hours of specimen collection and should be considered in all Legionnaires’ outbreak investigations, researchers say in the April issue of the Journal of Environmental Health.