Asset Management Solutions & Insights for Utility Managers

  1. The 3 Trillion-Gallon Leak — Where’s Our Water?

    The tipping point is here, and utilities are learning the best ways to prevent water loss and protect revenue.

  2. Project Engineer vs. Maintenance — A Valve And Pump Enclosure Tug-Of-War

    Spec a pump enclosure once, live with it for years.

  3. Betting On Biogas: A Wastewater Plant’s Journey

    The Lancaster Area Sewer Authority’s (LASA) recent $26.8 million upgrade to its lone wastewater treatment facility promises to reduce the plant’s environmental footprint and save costs by emphasizing energy efficiency and allowing for biosolids reuse.

  4. The User’s Guide To Integrated Planning

    The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF), the research branch of the waste and stormwater industry’s primary trade and lobbying group, is developing a set of tools and data to help communities pursue wastewater and stormwater projects that integrate multiple disciplines while complying with regulations and keeping costs down.

  5. 7 Steps To Water System Asset Management

    A primer on developing asset management programs to support economically and environmentally sustainable water systems.

  6. Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power Uses GIS To Improve Water Incident Management

    While utilities use sophisticated systems to supply clean water as well as collect and treat wastewater, the effort to manage incidents and outages leaves room for improvement. Water utilities often rely on manual processes to handle customer reports of leaks, loss-of-service or quality issues.

  7. The Evolution Of Smart Utilities

    Advances in telecommunications, automation, and data analytics are changing the relationship between utilities and their customers.

  8. System Planning For Water Utilities

    The water sector is one of the most capital intensive utilities in the U.S., more so than other regulated utilities such as electric, gas, and telecommunications. Capital investment and upgrades will continue to be needed well into the future to replace deteriorating infrastructure, address new and more stringent regulatory requirements, and adjust to shifts and growth in population.

  9. The Future Of Pipeline Renewal

    Where is your utility when it comes to water and sewer management? Leading municipalities are using GIS tools to provide direction.

  10. Baltimore Puts ‘Boots On The Ground’ To Manage Assets

    In a paper titled “Real Asset Management At Work: Boots On The Ground Making A Difference In Baltimore, MD,” representatives of the Baltimore City Department of Public Works, describe the work of its Office of Asset Management which has been moving the city to a more proactive mode of operation and maintenance.