Asset Management Solutions & Insights for Utility Managers

  1. How To Know You’re Working With The Right Technology Provider

    Choosing a technology provider to supply a solution for water or wastewater treatment is no small task. Frankly, there’s a lot at stake, from large sums of money to the efficacy of an entire operation hinging on the right decision. But with so many options out there, what qualities do you need to look for to guarantee you’re making the right choice? To get an answer, Water Online spoke with Fred Siino from KLa Systems.

  2. U.S. vs. The World In Water Sustainability

    Yes, America cleaned up at the Olympics this summer, but how does the U.S. fare on the world stage when it comes to water resiliency, efficiency, and quality?

  3. Is Progressive Design-Build Right For Water And Wastewater Capital Projects?

    Progressive design-build has emerged as a refined version of traditional options for pursuing capital projects. Is it the right fit for water and wastewater construction?

  4. Kansas City’s Billion-Dollar Smart Infrastructure Challenge

    Missouri’s largest city is betting that the next generation of water distribution pipelines — smarter, stronger, and highly sustainable — is well worth the investment.

  5. Identifying Corrosive Water, A Step Forward Against Lead Contamination

    A new study by the United States Geological Survey has determined that half of the nation is at risk of drawing potentially corrosive water, starting the conversation about how to curb lead contamination.

  6. WIMS Offers A Winning Solution In Columbia, SC

    Back in 2012, the City Of Columbia made the decision to update its OPS SQL software to Hach WIMS (water information management system). The old software was not only sitting idle, but was also out of date. The reasons for updating and implementing the software were many but can be summarized with the two primary goals: To collect the data into a central database that is easily accessible and to create a dashboard from which the rotating operations teams or management could quickly understand what was happening. After more than a year of coordinating Metro management and staff, Hach WIMS support staff, and city IT staff, WIMS began to take shape.

  7. Assessing The Industry: Top Water Concerns And The Way Forward

    Consulting firm Black & Veatch has released its annual assessment of the water industry, surveying over 350 public and private stakeholders. What are the industry’s biggest concerns and how can they be addressed?

  8. Situational Awareness — The Next Leap In Industrial Human Machine Interface Design

    Wonderware InTouch has been the world’s number one Human Machine Interface (HMI) for over 25 years and offers legendary ease of use, market leading innovation, unequalled investment protection, brilliant graphics, unsurpassed connectivity, the industry’s best support and the broadest partner ecosystem.

  9. How Will British Water Survive Brexit?

    Amid uncertainty of how, or if, business will continue in an independent UK, the industry trade association British Water is confident that it can help members navigate the new landscape.

  10. NRDC Report Points To Need For Investment In Water Supply Infrastructure Nationwide

    You don’t have to live in Flint, MI, to be the victim of exposure to less-than-safe drinking water. A recent report by the National Resources Defense Council estimates that last year, millions of Americans were served by water systems with multiple lead-related violations.