Analytical Instruments News

  1. Population Growth Drives Global Water Recycle And Reuse Market: Transparency Market Research

    In the coming decade, as the global population swells further, it is only going to create larger problems related to water shortage. In the present scenario, several countries, especially developing ones, are reaching the threshold of water supplies in addition to existing draught conditions.

  2. Industry Partners Endress+Hauser And Rockwell Automation Make Major Investment In BridgeValley Process Training Unit

    BridgeValley Community and Technical College in West Virginia celebrates the opening of a cutting-edge PTU® (Process Training Unit) made possible by the generous contributions of Endress+Hauser, BridgeValley and Rockwell Automation. Thanks to industry partners, BridgeValley will be the new home to a $1M, 1,800 square-foot, state-of-the-art PTU®.

  3. METTLER TOLEDO Thornton Announces Real-Time Microbial Monitoring System For Pharmaceutical Waters

    METTLER TOLEDO Thornton, a leading supplier of on-line analytical instruments for monitoring purified waters announced the introduction of its 7000RMS analyzer for real-time, continuous measurement of bioburden in the pharmaceutical industry.

  4. Wastewater Treatment Plants Fail To Completely Eliminate New Chemical Compounds

    Deformities, feminisation and fall in reproductive capacity are some of the effects that living organisms can be afflicted by due to changes in the endocrine system caused by these compounds.

  5. Seeq To Demonstrate Integration With Emerson Products At Exchange User Conference

    Integration between Seeq analytics software and Emerson Process Management offerings will be demonstrated throughout the exhibition area at the Emerson Global Users Exchange conference.

  6. Endress+Hauser Introduces CA80AM Ammonia Analyzer

    Endress+Hauser introduces the Liquiline System CA80AM ammonium analyzer for monitoring critical control points in water and resource reclamation facilities.

  7. New 2035 Process Analyzer – Customized Online-Monitoring Of Industrial Processes And Waste Water Streams

    Metrohm Process Analytics presents the 2035 Process Analyzer, an integrated solution for 24/7 online-monitoring of critical chemical parameters in industrial processes and wastewater streams.

  8. Crystal IS Introduces Optan SMD

    Crystal IS’s newest Optan product is a surface mount device (SMD). Like other Optan offerings, the high-performance UVC LED is based on native Aluminum Nitride (AlN) substrates, proven to overcome limitations of other UVC LEDs in the market.

  9. CU-Boulder Researchers Use Wastewater Treatment To Capture CO2 Emissions And Produce Energy

    Cleaning up municipal and industrial wastewater can be dirty business, but engineers at the University of Colorado Boulder have developed an innovative wastewater treatment process that not only mitigates carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, but actively captures greenhouse gases as well.

  10. 2015 Operating Benchmarks Report Review

    Edward J. Curry, a principal in the consulting firm of Curry & Hurd and a former Chairman of MCAA, recently reviewed the results of the 2015 MCAA Operating Benchmarks Report during a webinar on July 28.