Aeration & Blowers News

  1. Eliminate Odor & Toxic Gases At Animal Waste Lagoons

    Odor and toxic gas problems at swine production farms are an old and persistent problem that effect surrounding areas. Some argue that there are health hazards, pollution problems and quality of life issues in the affected areas.

  2. XPV Water Partners, Water Industry Veterans Form Nutrient Management Leader Nexom

    Today, CEO Thomas M. Pokorsky and President Martin Hildebrand introduced Nexom, a new company created with an investment from XPV Water Partners to address some of the most pressing needs in wastewater management

  3. Resource Recovery Technologies Prove A Winning Innovation In The Wastewater Treatment Industry

    End users of wastewater treatment solutions have traditionally been technology-shy and prefer tried and tested solutions, mainly due to cost concerns

  4. Top Flight Effluent Solution By H+E With Landia’s Pumps And Mixers

    An aeration system made by Landia is part of a new wastewater treatment facility at a major UK Airport for the storage and treatment of surface run-off water, which can contain de-icing fluid, glycol, jet fuel, oil, dirt, grit, as well as general rubbish.

  5. Ham Baker Ready For New Sludge Market With Landia’s GasMix

    During a key conference session at UK AD Biogas, Ham Baker’s Business Development Director, Ian Goddard won support from an industry panel about the need for water companies to embrace innovation for the opening up of the sewage sludge market – and for stating that existing frameworks should not act as a barrier to new technology.

  6. Turning Problems Into Profit: WWTP Creatively Solves Phosphorus Challenge

    A Chicago-area wastewater reclamation plant has found an innovative solution for their phosphorus problem. They’re going to turn it into fertilizer, stopping regulatory issues before they start, and eventually making a profit in the process.

  7. San Antonio’s Water Recycling Center Is Natural Wonder

    For utilities oriented around sustainability and efficiency, using natural systems in infrastructure has growing appeal.

  8. Custom Packaged Plant Cuts Costs For Delivery Hub

    A storage yard and delivery depot in Hampshire was fitted with a specially designed packaged treatment plant when the existing system could not cope with extra demand. Lenham Storage Yard in Andover, which operates as a hub for deliveries for high street stores, needed additional wastewater treatment when the business expanded.

  9. Xylem To Launch Revolutionary New Wastewater Technology At IFAT And Feature Several Innovative, Sustainable Wastewater Management Technologies

    Xylem, a leading global water technology company dedicated to solving the most challenging water issues, has announced that it will launch a revolutionary new wastewater pumping technology at the IFAT trade show in Munich next week (30th May-3rd June).

  10. Dow Invests In OxyMem’s Wastewater Treatment Technology

    The Dow Chemical Company, announced recently its investment in OxyMem Ltd. The investment will accelerate the commercialisation of OxyMem’s promising wastewater treatment technology – the Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR).