1. Hydrant: 5 1/4" Waterous Pacer Overview

    The AMERICAN Waterous Pacer is rated for 250 psig and meets or exceeds all of the requirements of AWWA C502. Ductile iron construction assures strength and durability. The Pacer hydrant has all the features you expect from a high-quality fire hydrant. The all-bronze seat and bronze seat insert assure that the Pacer hydrant remains easy to repair. The epoxy primed and polyurethane top coat system on the external surfaces on the upper barrel of the Waterous Pacer fire hydrant provides a durable, high-gloss finish that, under normal conditions, should continue to look good for years without repainting. Watch this video to learn more.

  2. Valves: Butterfly Versus Gate

    How important is valve selection? Has maintenance been considered? Should old specifications be used? AMERICAN is experienced in both butterfly and gate valves and answers your questions in this video.

  3. Series 2500 Flex-Ring Gate Valve Video

    The Series 2500 Flex-Ring Gate Valve design incorporates many exclusive design features.

  4. Hydrant: Introduction To The Captivater Locking Fire Hydrant Cap

    The Captivater helps prevent unauthorized hydrant use, reduces water theft, reduces hydrant vandalism, and lowers operation costs. Its universal design fits EVERY hydrant from EVERY manufacturer, regardless of year or model. Watch this video to learn more.

  5. Ductile Vs. Gray Iron

    The selection of materials for engineered products is a key decision. It impacts the manufacturer, installation, reliability and long-term costs of water works systems. Two materials with a long history of service in the water works industry are ductile and gray iron. AMERICAN answers your questions about each in this video.

  6. Hydrant: 4 3/4" Waterous Trend Operation

    AMERICAN’s Waterous Trend Fire Hydrant's stylish and distinctive design provides real solutions to today’s water system demands. With many cities experiencing increased pressure to stretch their dollars, it is important to note that just one person can easily perform maintenance on the Trend hydrant. The removal of four nuts and bolts allows access to all of the working parts. Watch this video to learn more.

  7. Disassembly Of 14-48 Flex-Ring Joint Pipe

    Combining the sealing features of the time-proven Fastite joint and a boltless restrained connection, AMERICAN Flex-Ring joint ductile iron pipe provides flexible, easily assembled, positive restraint against endwise separation due to thrust.

  8. Nashville’s Metro Water Services 60-Inch Tie In

    Metro Water Services’ Low Transmission Water Main project will help the utility stay ahead of the area’s continued population growth. AMERICAN is providing almost 12,000 feet of 60-inch and more than 13,000 feet of 36-inch ductile iron pipe. AMERICAN Flow Control is also providing 13 resilient wedge gate valves with Flex-Ring ends in sizes 24, 36 and 60 inches in diameter.

  9. AMERICAN Experts Discuss Aging Water Infrastructure

    Out of sight, the country’s underground water infrastructure is aging and failing. In this interview, AMERICAN’s Derek Scott and Maury Gaston discuss the problem, challenges facing cities, and the latest technologies for providing and protecting one of our most precious resources — water.

  10. Valves: Resilient Wedge Gate Valves Vs. Double Disc Gate Valves

    How important is valve selection? Has maintenance been considered? Should old specifications be used? AMERICAN is experienced in both resilient wedge gate valves and double disc gatevalves and answers your questions in this video.