Latest Headlines

  1. BBC Solar And More To Begin Work In Florida On Algae Bloom/Red Tide Emergency

    BBC Solar and More in partnership with LMT Technologies, announces it will begin working in Stuart, Florida as the first location in the state to be treated by the company’s Drylet and NanO2 Water Separation Technology Solutions.

  2. OriginClear Launches Next-Generation Advanced Oxidation Process

    OriginClear, Inc., a leading provider of water treatment solutions, announced recently that the company has completed development and testing of AOxPlus, a patent-pending method to produce hydroxyl radicals in large quantities to treat highly contaminated wastewater

  3. MWH Constructors Adds Two To Executive Management Team

    MWH Constructors (MWHC), a leading global construction firm focused on water and energy, announced recently two strategic additions to the executive management team.

  4. Scientists And Water Treatment Plants Are Working Together On Green Water Treatment

    Using plants and animals to purify waste water while extracting raw materials: that is the principle of Aquafarm. In early September, after a year and a half of research, a trial setup was launched which should lead to the first biological water purification within four years.

  5. EPCOR And Ostara Transforming Nutrients From Wastewater Into Environmentally Responsible Fertilizer

    EPCOR, in partnership with Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, recently officially unveiled Canada’s largest wastewater nutrient recovery facility.

  6. Bureau Of Reclamation Launches Funding Opportunity For 2019 Desalination And Water Purification Research Program

    The Bureau of Reclamation is making the 2019 funding opportunity for the Desalination and Water Purification Research Program.

  7. CycloPure Announces Eco-Friendly DEXSORB™ Line Of Adsorbents Engineered To Safely Remove PFAS And Other Toxic Micropollutants From Water

    CycloPure, Inc., a leading innovator in the science of micropollutant removal, today announced its DEXSORB™ line of cyclodextrin-based adsorbents that selectively target and remove hazardous micropollutants from drinking water.

  8. Ian C. Watson Fellowship For Membrane Advancement

    Since 2007, AMTA has worked in partnership with several recognized organizations in distributing almost $500,000 in Fellowships that support talented university students researching membrane innovations and applications for water treatment.

  9. WildHorse Resource Development Corporation Announces Construction Of In-Field Oil And Produced Water Gathering System And Sand Mine Update

    WildHorse Resource Development Corporation announced recently plans to construct a wholly-owned in-field oil and produced water gathering system.

  10. WWEM 2018 Registration Now Open

    The organisers of WWEM 2018, the water, wastewater & environmental monitoring event, have published details of a comprehensive programme of conferences, seminars and workshops that will take place during the 2-day (21+22 Nov) event in Telford (UK).