AdEdge Water Technologies Articles

  1. Arsenic Removed From Drinking Water With Iron Oxide Adsorption Treatment

    When high levels of arsenic were found in the drinking water in the community of Alto Lampa outside of Santiago de Chile, municipal water provider Aguas Adinas faced a predicament. AdEdge Water Technologies was contacted to design a treatment approach. This case study describes how iron oxide adsorption helped Alto Lampa reduce arsenic levels in treated water to non-detectable concentrations.

  2. Troubled Water Film Brings Arsenic Removal To The Big Screen

    Rich Cavagnaro and Greg Gilles, Principals of AdEdge Technologies, discuss the company’s water pot technology and a new movie about arsenic removal in a remote South American community

  3. Rich Cavagnaro, President Of AdEdge Water Technologies, Named Metro Atlanta Chamber Of Commerce Business Person Of The Year

    Rich Cavagnaro was announced Metro Atlanta Chamber Business Person of the Year in the experienced entrepreneur category on June 6, 2013.

  4. Stinkin' Drinkin' Water No More: Oxidation/Filtration Removes Hydrogen Sulfide

    AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC was contacted by Aqua Utilities Florida to provide a hydrogen sulfide removal system for the Lake Josephine community, located in Highlands County, FL. The treatment goal for the system was to reduce the levels of hydrogen sulfide to the nondetectable odor threshold of <0.05 mg/l.

  5. AdEdge Provides Treatment Solutions, Not Just Systems

    The president and vice president of AdEdge Water Technologies join Water Online Radio to discuss the company’s recent achievements and innovations, as well as the important differentiating factors for water treatment providers in today’s marketplace. 

  6. From Well Above To Far Below MCLs: AdEdge Oxidation/Filtration Tames Arsenic And Iron

    AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC was contacted by Great West Engineering to provide an arsenic and iron removal system for the Gore Hill County Water Treatment Plant Wells #1 and #2 in Great Falls, Montana.

  7. Sam Miller Joins AdEdge Water Technologies As Mechanical Designer

    AdEdge Water Technologies recently announced Sam Miller has joined AdEdge as Mechanical Designer. Mr. Miller will be responsible for designing and drafting system equipment and machined part, three-dimensional modeling, assembling bill of materials for projects, and quality assurance of water treatment systems to remove arsenic, iron and manganese, and other contaminants from groundwater.

  8. AdEdge Water Technologies Delivers Arsenic Treatment System To Chilean Community

    AdEdge Water Technologies recently shipped an arsenic treatment system to the Arica – Pago de Gomez Water Treatment Plant in Chile, to reduce arsenic levels of 18 ppb in the water source, to below the arsenic MCL set by the World Health Organization of 10 ppb.

  9. AdEdge Arsenic Treatment System Delivers Gift Of Clean, Arsenic Free Water To Argentine Village Plagued With 290 ppb Arsenic Concentrations

    AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC recently delivered a water treatment system to San Antonio de Los Cobres, a village of 6,000 residents in the Andes Mountains, to reduce a challenging arsenic concentration of 290 ppb to below the MCL set by the World Health Organization of 10 ppb.

  10. AdEdge Water Technologies Awarded Contract To Provide Arsenic Treatment Systems For Spring Creek Utilities Company, Elko, Nevada.

    AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC, a leading supplier of water treatment systems, has been awarded a contract to work with the owners engineer, Sunrise Engineering to design and build three AdEdge WaterPOD containerized water treatment systems for Spring Creek Utilities Company near Elko, Nevada.