News | August 13, 2007

AD92 Uranium Adsorption Treatment System By AdEdge Technologies Effectively Treats Naturally Occurring Groundwater Uranium In Village Of Marshfield, Vt.


Buford, GA - AdEdge Technologies, Inc. announces successful results of its AD92 Uranium Adsorption Treatment System designed and installed by AdEdge to treat high levels of naturally occurring groundwater uranium in the Village of Marshfield, Vt.

Installed in July 2007, the AdEdge system featured a twin AD92–80 Adsorption treatment system rated for up to 160 gpm using AdEdge AD92 IX anion exchange media. AdEdge AD92 IX media is a specialty anion exchange resin for uranium removal. It provides superior removal efficiency for uranium and greater resistance to organic fouling than other media. AD92 IX is applied specifically for use in removing naturally occurring uranium from groundwater. Initial testing conducted by the Village of Marshfield showed non-detectable levels, far below the 30 ug/L MCL for uranium. Prior to installation, successful pilot testing at the site concluded that the AdEdge AD92 IX regenerable IX media was a very effective treatment approach.

“AD92 technology is ideal for use in potable water applications such as the Village of Marshfield, as well as non-potable and environmental remediation applications for removal of naturally occurring uranium,” said Greg Gilles, Vice President, AdEdge Technologies. “The high efficiency AD92 can selectively remove the negatively charged uranium anion in contaminated water supplies to effectively achieve the EPA MCL of 30 ug/L. The Village of Marshfield residents are now able to use water from this source after being served bottled water for the past four years.”

SOURCE: AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.


AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.