AdEdge Water Technologies Articles

  1. Fighting India’s Arsenic Problem

    When Vinny Gupta, the president and CEO of InNow LLC, met Rich Cavagnaro, the CEO of AdEdge Water Technologies, he saw an opportunity to help 40 million people get clean water.

  2. Adedge Water Technologies Awarded Biottta Nitrate Removal Project For The City Of Delano, California

    AdEdge Water Technologies recently announced it has been awarded and is implementing a biottta (biologically tailored two-stage treatment approach) nitrate removal project for the City of Delano, California.

  3. A Sustainable Solution For Treating Contaminants

    There are a number of regulations in drinking water centered around emerging contaminants. Hexavalent chromium is one that you’ll see on the national marketplace.

  4. The Reward Of Risk: New Tech Pays Off

    The engineering community can sometimes be wary of trying anything other than the technologies they are already accustomed to, says Rich Cavagnaro of Adedge, a purification technology company with a focus on nitrates and radionuclides.

  5. Chad Miller Named Product Manager For Biottta® Biofiltration Technology

    AdEdge Water Technologies recently announced Chad Miller has been promoted to Product Manager for the biottta fixed-bed biofiltration technology. Mr. Miller will be responsible for team efforts related to sales, design, and marketing of the new product launch.

  6. AdEdge Adds Advanced Biological Treatment Technology To Core Product Offerings

    AdEdge Water Technologies recently announced the addition of biotttaTM advanced biological treatment to their core product offerings. Each biotttaTM system is a pre-engineered, turnkey treatment solution designed to remove nitrate, perchlorate, hexavalent chromium, VOCs, and other contaminants from municipal drinking water supplies.

  7. Can’t Keep Up? Partner With A Manufacturers’ Rep To Sustain Growth

    Rich Cavagnaro, President of AdEdge Water Technologies, and Tom Carmody, President of TC Tech LLC, share how their companies have partnered to successfully grow business in the advanced water treatment technology space.

  8. Arsenic Removed From Drinking Water With Iron Oxide Adsorption Treatment

    When high levels of arsenic were found in the drinking water in the community of Alto Lampa outside of Santiago de Chile, municipal water provider Aguas Adinas faced a predicament. AdEdge Water Technologies was contacted to design a treatment approach. This case study describes how iron oxide adsorption helped Alto Lampa reduce arsenic levels in treated water to non-detectable concentrations.

  9. Troubled Water Film Brings Arsenic Removal To The Big Screen

    Rich Cavagnaro and Greg Gilles, Principals of AdEdge Technologies, discuss the company’s water pot technology and a new movie about arsenic removal in a remote South American community

  10. Rich Cavagnaro, President Of AdEdge Water Technologies, Named Metro Atlanta Chamber Of Commerce Business Person Of The Year

    Rich Cavagnaro was announced Metro Atlanta Chamber Business Person of the Year in the experienced entrepreneur category on June 6, 2013.