News | October 10, 2011

AdEdge Water Technologies Awarded Contract To Provide Arsenic Treatment Systems For Spring Creek Utilities Company, Elko, Nevada.

Three AdEdge WaterPOD containerized water treatment systems will remove arsenic from three wells that are non-compliant with the EPA Arsenic MCL of 10 ppb.

AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC, a leading supplier of water treatment systems, has been awarded a contract to work with the owners engineer, Sunrise Engineering to design and build three AdEdge WaterPOD containerized water treatment systems for Spring Creek Utilities Company near Elko, Nevada. AdEdge was selected among companies to evaluate, design and manufacture three packaged systems to reduce excessive arsenic from three individual well sites where testing revealed excessive arsenic concentrations above the EPA MCL of 10 ppb.

Using AdEdge AD26 coagulation/filtration technology, each WaterPOD system consists of separate, completely packaged, pre-piped, instrumented, and automated system, and housed inside of 40-feet long x 8-feet customized modular buildings, with combined design flows of approximately 1950 GPM. A WaterPOD system combines performance with economy, resulting in an ideal solution for sites where space, cost, and installation schedules are critical. As part of each system, an AdEdge H2Zero backwash recycle system will be designed and provided at the sites. Included is a vertical backwash holding tank with adequate capacity for temporary storage of the backwash water, controls, flow meter, and pump skid with a control panel. Backwash water will be collected, separated and re-processed through the treatment system reclaiming up to 95% of the backwash water with no surface discharge. In addition, AdEdge AD-IN CO2 gas injection modules for pH control to enhance and optimize the arsenic treatment process.

“Given the very aggressive timeline to have arsenic treatment online by the end of 2011, our innovative containerized system approach is the ideal solution for Spring Creek,” said Greg Gilles, Vice President and Principal, AdEdge Water Technologies. “The system design features green technologies that save water and will effectively remove the arsenic to below the MCL”.

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