AdEdge Water Technologies Articles

  1. Better CAPEX, OPEX Options For PFAS Treatment

    The documented performance of ion exchange (IX) resins for treating per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) offers new opportunities for more practical solutions in many applications. IX has demonstrated its ability to reduce both capital and operating costs compared to the conventional granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment approach.

  2. The Natural Way: Biological Treatment For Groundwater Contaminant Removal

    Nature has long provided guidance to simple and sustainable ways to manage environmental challenges. Biological treatment of potable water is no exception. As more water is required to support human activity worldwide, sources once considered too contaminated or expensive to treat are quickly becoming necessary options. For groundwater contaminant removal, once again, the laws of nature point the way.

  3. How To Develop The Best Construction Dewatering Solutions

    Basic construction activities today are more complex than ever when it comes to environmental concerns. Dewatering is a common necessity for contractors and developers today. In addition to ensuring a safe construction site, contractors must be aware of groundwater disposal constraints and regulations.

  4. AdEdge Adds Rotec LTD Flow-Reversal Reverse Osmosis Technology (FR-RO) To Core Product Offerings

    AdEdge Water Technologies (AdEdge) announced recently its intention to add Israeli company Rotec LTD (Rotec) Flow-Reversal Reverse Osmosis technology (FR-RO) to their core product offerings.

  5. AdEdge Water Technologies Joins Endress+Hauser’s OEM Partner Program

    Endress+Hauser announces AdEdge Water Technologies has joined its OEM Business Partner Program. The two companies will collaborate together to ensure technology alignment, improve operating efficiencies and explore new opportunities to trim cost, mitigate risk and develop new service models that ultimately deliver more value for our mutual end user customers.

  6. Wanted: Field Services Technician

    Responsibilities will be to provide leadership and to perform technical support of active or installed projects and after sale support. Included are field and office related project related services to support ongoing or installed projects. Perform operations and maintenance related tasks, system startups, piloting, and other related project work conducted by the Company. Position responsibilities also include establishing and overseeing service contracts, managing system warranty claims, spare parts, and field service for awarded treatment projects. Tasks include cost estimating, subcontract management, cost tracking, interfacing with customers, scheduling, startup, and project closeout activities. Develop after-sale contracts with existing or new customers to offer ongoing service and grow the company business and revenue.

  7. Executive Board Technology Award At 2017 National Federal Laboratory Consortium Awarded To United States Environmental Protection Agency And AdEdge Water Technologies Collaborative Technology Transfer

    AdEdge Water Technologies and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) announced recently that NoMonia, an innovative dual-stage biological treatment technology for the removal of multiple contaminants such as ammonia, arsenic, iron, and manganese from groundwater, was selected the winner of the 2017 Executive Board Technology Award at the upcoming 2017 National Federal Laboratory Consortium in San Antonio, Texas.

  8. Solving For Arsenic Contamination

    Few drinking water contaminants can boast the deadly reputation of arsenic. The substance is a well-known carcinogen associated with myriad health problems, and drinking water operations in certain regions must stay vigilant. To help in the fight against arsenic, Water Online spoke with Sahar Fathordoobadi, Application Engineer from AdEdge Technologies, an industry leader in arsenic removal solutions.

  9. AdEdge India Is Formed In Joint Venture Between AdEdge Water Technologies And InNow, LLC

    AdEdge Water Technologies (AdEdge) and InNow India Pvt. Ltd. (InNow) recently announced a joint venture to provide innovative water treatment solutions for municipalities in India for the removal of arsenic, nitrate, radionuclides, and fluoride among other contaminants.

  10. AdEdge India’s First Arsenic Treatment System Successfully Starts Up In West Bengal

    AdEdge Water Technologies (AdEdge) recently announced AdEdge India, a joint venture between AdEdge and InNow, LLC, has built and started up its first arsenic treatment system as a demonstration plant in India.