BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB:BLGO) invents, develops, and commercializes innovative platform technologies to solve challenging environmental problems like PFAS contamination, advanced water and wastewater treatment, industrial odor and VOC control, air quality control, and infection control. With over 13 years of extensive R&D, BioLargo holds a wide array of issued patents, maintains a robust pipeline of products, and provides full-service environmental engineering. Our peer-reviewed scientific approach allows us to invent or acquire novel technologies and develop them to maturity through our operating subsidiaries. With a keen emphasis on collaborations with academic, municipal, and commercial organizations and associations, BioLargo has proven itself with over 80 awarded grants and numerous pilot projects. We monetize through direct sales, recurring service contracts, licensing agreements, strategic joint venture formation and/or the sale of the IP. See our website at www.BioLargo.com.

PFAS Treatment Technology – The BioLargo AEC is the most economically feasible and environmentally conscious solution to treat water containing persistent ‘forever chemicals’ with verified negative health effects estimated to impact 98% of the world’s population.

Advanced Water Treatment Technology – AOS: low-energy, cost-effective, rapid, and safe, elimination of pathogens and hard-to-treat contaminants like pharmaceuticals. The technology is part and parcel to a “zero-liquid discharge” water reuse strategy, which is increasingly common around the world. The global water treatment equipment market is estimated at approximately $9 billion globally. 

BioLargo Engineering Science & Technologies (BLEST) is our execution and cross-selling arm comprised of industry veterans with 30+ years experience in executing high-profile environmental engineering projects.

Odor and VOC Control Products and Services - BioLargo’s air quality control products and services subsidiary, ONM Environmental, currently leads the company in revenue. This business unit sells patented, industry-leading odor and VOC control products under the brand CupriDyne Clean.


  • There are over 4,500 compounds currently classified as PFAS compounds. BioLargo's PFAS treatment is customized to the water to reduce energy, breakthrough, waste products, and operation and maintenance costs.

  • Highly effective against bacteria and viruses, the Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) is also well-suited for the decontamination of hard-to-treat organic contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and other micropollutants The AOS can be configured to deliver optimized performance for most water or wastewater treatment applications.

  • The Aqueous Electrostatic Concentrator's (AEC) modular design provides a small footprint and low energy consumption, and it can be skidded, trailer-mounted, or custom configured to fit into existing spaces.


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