News | November 30, 2016

Wet Well Wizard Video – Proof Of FOG Elimination - Forever

A short video is now available from Reliant Water Technologies that clearly illustrates how successful the company’s wet well wizard is at eliminating FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) from collection system lift station wet wells. The patent pending Wizard design is guaranteed never to allow air bubbles to cavitate wet well pumps, to eliminate H2S odor from forming in the well where it is located, and eliminate all negative odors.

By focusing the design on transforming the microbial population in the wet well, the Wizard system, if installed as suggested, will completely turn that population into aerobes – and an environment where H2S cannot form. Extensive tests were run during development to verify that anaerobic conditions in tested wet wells turned aerobic and remained that way.

Customers have found that the wet well wizard can have a Return on Investment of under 6 months if the city rents vacuum trucks for FOG cleaning or utilizes chemicals to mask unpleasant odors; not considering the labor savings. Although the company does not suggest that every lift station requires the Wizard, if enough of them are strategically located throughout a city’s collection system, the water in the system will actually be pretreated prior to entering the wastewater treatment plant. Odors at the head-works disappear, money will be saved on maintaining a responsible aeration profile, secondary clarifiers settle better, and water quality entering disinfection is improved.

The wet well wizard, a simple addition to the collection system that has the potential to redefine the entire wastewater process.

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Source: RELIANT Water Technologies