News | August 27, 2012

WEF Names JCS Industries Winner Of 2012 Innovative Technology Award

Source: JCS Industries Inc.
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The Water Environment Federation (WEF) has named JCS Industries, Inc. of Spring, TX as a winner of one of its three Innovative Technology Awards for 2012, in recognition of the company’s patented Model 4100 Liquid Vacuum Feeder.

Developed as a safer and more accurate method for feeding a wide variety of chemicals for a broad range of applications, the patented technology has in particular resolved a long-standing issue of air locking (vapor locking) that has plagued other chemical feed devices such as metering pumps.

The device features utilization of a constant vacuum to pull chemicals instead of forcing them under pressure. It also provides for self-regulation and self-control of the chemical feed rate. The feeder also incorporates several alarm functions that alert operations personnel the instant a feed deviation occurs.

In one water works application, its deployment as the dosing method for sodium hypochlorite keyed the reliable and cost-effective replacement of a gas chlorination system.

In another case, it provided for more reliable delivery of a troublesome polymer feed system, and was extended to additional service for alum and liquid ammonium sulfate (LAS).  

US Patents have been received for the all-vacuum liquid feeder, which can dose up to 60,000 gal/day.

SOURCE: JCS Industries Inc.