News | February 3, 2022

120Water Achieves 509% Customer Growth In 2021 As LCRR Compliance Deadlines Loom

Source: 120Water

Customers inventory 450,000 service lines using 120Water platform to meet LCRR mandate

120Water, the leading solutions provider for lead reduction and drinking water compliance programs, saw tremendous customer growth of 509% in 2021, amassing a base of more than 250 water systems across 30 states as utilities took steps to implement the EPA’s new Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR).

LCRR requires water systems to produce a location-based inventory of all service line materials by October 16, 2024, and develop a plan to begin removing known and suspected lead service lines (LSLs). The recently passed $1 trillion infrastructure bill earmarks $55 billion for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects, including LSLs replacements.

“Water systems are under tremendous pressure to comply with LCRR’s aggressive deadlines, and many recognize they need new solutions in order to meet these mandates,” said Megan Glover, CEO of 120Water. “120Water is the most comprehensive solution in the market to help utilities navigate the complexities of LCRR with cloud-based software, kits, and professional services from water industry experts.”

120Water has actively partnered with water systems to address key components of LCRR, including:

  • Producing a location-based inventory of all service line materials with a location identifier, such as an address, intersection, or landmark: In 2021, 120Water was used to record nearly 450,000 service lines through preliminary inventory and predictive modeling, saving utilities more than 7,500 hours of manual work.
  • Sampling at least 20% of all public and private elementary schools and 20% of all childcare facilities built before 2014 in the service area annually: To date, 120Water has executed over 6,000 school and daycare sampling events with more than 700,000 taps under management in 120Water’s software.
  • Conducting water sampling where LSLs are known or are suspected: 120Water has analyzed over 300,000 water samples and distributed more than 450,000 water pitcher/filter kits to affected residents in their lifetime.
  • Communicating quicker and more frequently with customers with lead exceedances: 120Water has delivered 37,000 unique customer letters, calls, and other communications to residents.

To support water systems in meeting the LCRR requirements, 120Water aggressively built out its software and service offerings in 2021, adding 25 new capabilities and improvements, including:

  • The 120Water Program Funding Service to help water professionals identify and secure financing for drinking water programs.
  • Enhanced capabilities to its LCRR solution so that regulators and utilities can easily carry out the new demands of the rule.
  • Additional customer engagement features to manage, track and communicate with multiple stakeholders.

120Water is offering complimentary, individualized planning assistance for water utilities looking to better understand the requirements of LCRR and assess their readiness to comply with the new regulation. Water systems can reserve their planning session at


120Water is the leading solutions provider used by water professionals across the country to manage critical lead and drinking water programs. Comprised of secure, cloud-based software, professional services, and point-of-use kits, 120Water's solution provides tailored workflows for complying with lead and water quality programs that protect public health. Their team of water, policy, and technology experts has supported over 7,000 sampling events across the country, partnering with water systems and government agencies such as Citizens Energy Group, the City of Providence, the City of Asheville, and Chicago Public Schools to protect public health and provide clean drinking water to all communities. To learn more, visit or follow them on Twitter @120_Water.