Case Study

Wastewater Treatment Plant Takes A Bite Out Of Tough Solids

Source: JWC Environmental

The City of Hammonton’s original steel bar screen rusted while continually allowing debris to pass through to the oxidation ditch and final clarifier. Floatables found their way through the plant to the UV trough, clogging the RAS and internal recycle pumps along the way. Managers of the Hammonton Wastewater Treatment Plant took on the challenge of finding a more efficient screening system. With the help of Mark Wolff of Watermark Environmental Systems, a new Monster Separation System® was selected and installed.

The new system consists of a Finescreen Monster®, which features a continuous band of perforated stainless steel panels with 6mm openings, that directs screened solids into an integrated Screenings Washer Monster®, a self-contained, hopper-fed system that grinds, washes, compacts, and dewaters discharged screenings. Both units, and their integrated operation, were designed and built by JWC Environmental in Costa Mesa, California.

Anthony DeCicco, Superintendent of the facility, reports significant operational and maintenance benefits through replacement of the 12-year-old bar screen with the new, multi-faceted Monster Separation System. Incorporating the Screenings Washer Monster system into the plant eliminated the messy screw conveyor and dumptser while cleaning up the entire headworks.