Datasheet | September 7, 2016

Vertical Auger Monster Model AGV Datasheet

Source: JWC Environmental

The Auger Monster is a robust and affordable wastewater screen which combines three of JWCE’s finest technologies – a grinder, a fine screen and a compactor. It removes trash and unwanted solids, so the pump station or treatment plant runs more efficiently and life is easier for operators and managers.

First, a powerful Muffin Monster® grinder shreds clumps of rags, clothing and debris. Next, solids are captured by a perforated screening trough and removed by a rotating auger. As solids are removed, dual wash water zones clean off fecal material. The auger then conveys solids vertically to the discharge point where the integrated compactor (optional) dewaters screenings before depositing the cleaned and dried material into a dumpster.