News | February 14, 2017

Vaughan Introduces Submersible Chopper Conditioning Pump For More Cost-Effective Wastewater Treatment

Source: Vaughan Company
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Innovative pump manufactured in the USA chops and mixes floating mats and accumulated solids for easier pumping.

Wastewater treatment professionals face a host of challenges when processing effluent from residential and industrial sources, including pumping water with floating layers of grease, managing accumulated solids on the bottom of tanks and dealing with costly and disruptive clogs from rags and other foreign objects in the waste stream. To help treatment plant operators save thousands of dollars in labor costs associated with unplugging pumps, tank pump-outs and replacement costs, Vaughan introduces its “Conditioning Pump.”

The Vaughan Conditioning Pump is a submersible chopper pump mounted on a portable stand and fitted with a high-velocity mixing nozzle. The Conditioning Pump recirculates the contents of wet wells by chopping and mixing to produce a homogeneous slurry that is more easily pumped out. Floating mats are removed and solids that have accumulated on the floor are re-suspended. The pump is mounted on a portable stand so it can easily be used in multiple locations at a single job-site, facility or municipality.

Applications include:

  • Lift Station Conditioning
  • Basin conditioning
  • Influent station/channel conditioning
  • Holding tank conditioning
  • Digester cleanout/homogenization

“Some conventional pumps that clog on solid-filled liquids can cost up to $350,000 to replace, while the Vaughan Conditioning Pump solves this problem at a fraction of the cost,” said Dale Vaughan, President of Vaughan Company. “You can put the conditioning pump into a wet well and chew up all of the rags and solids so that the existing pumps won't get clogged. Our pump also eliminates the cost and headache of hiring a vacuum truck to remove floating mats from lift stations and collection pits.”

Watch demonstrations of how the Vaughan Conditioning Pump works:

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SOURCE: Vaughan Company