Article | March 19, 2014

New Technology Is 'Groundbreaking Advancement' In Corrosion Control

Source: AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company
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By Jordan Byrd, AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe

V-Bio Polyethylene Encasement is the latest scientific advancement in corrosion control for ductile iron pipe.  Its revolutionary formulation allows for complete confidence on the part of the owner, engineer and municipality that no matter how aggressive the soils, the rugged iron pipe installed will last for generations.  This new technology builds more than 50 years of research and development by the Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association. 

Traditional single-layer polyethylene encasement was first installed on cast iron pipe in 1958 in LaFourche Parish, Louisiana.  Since then, it has been used to successfully protect millions of feet of iron pipe in severely corrosive soils across the United States and internationally.  In fact, the use of polywrap to prevent corrosion was so successful, that in 1972 the American Water Works Association published the C105/A21.5-10 standard for its use with gray and ductile iron pipe. 

AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company