Article | September 8, 2023

Upcoming Webinar From 120Water: To Inventory And Beyond With Summerville, SC

Source: 120Water
WaterOnline Summerville Webinar Graphic (002)

Have you thought about how you will safely build and store your preliminary inventory for LCRR? Our team has heard all sorts of strategies - GIS systems, spreadsheets, software, oh my! Learning your options and deciding on the best solution can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone!

We would love for you to hear first-hand from one of your peers how they’ve tackled this decision, built their inventory, and are now handling verification. 120Water customer, Megan Schweitz, from the City of Summerville, South Carolina, will join 120Water on Thursday, September 14th, @ 1 pm EST to share her experience, tips, and encouragement. 

During this 60-minute virtual session, you’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of your options to build and manage your data

  • A real-life customer testimonial of how you can securely build and submit your inventory

  • The benefits of selecting a data management system that allows you to utilize your data for future projects and records

  • Tips for tackling your LCRR inventory and choosing the right system for your team

  • A demo of a secure data-management system your team could use to build, submit, and manage your data for years

  • A peek inside options for verification once you’ve developed your inventory

  • And more!

The October 2024 deadline isn’t getting any farther away! Learning your options and selecting the right software for your utility will set your team up for success. (P.S. Even if you’re already using a data management system, it’s never too late to switch if you discover a better option).

Register here to learn your options and set your utility up for success.