TU5400 And TU5500 Process Turbidimeters (Turbidity)

Source: Hach Company

TU5400 And TU5500 Process Turbidimeters (Turbidity)

The TU5 Series employs a patented optical design that sees more of your sample than any other turbidimeter, delivering the best low level precision and sensitivity while minimizing variability from test to test.

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The TU5 Series dramatically reduces the time needed to get a turbidity measurement you can rely on, with 98% less online sample surface area to clean, sealed vials for calibration, and the elimination of the need for indexing and silicone oil in the lab. Not to mention, a smaller online sample volume means you will detect events almost immediately.

TU5 Series Top Features:

  • See more of your sample than any other turbidimeter
  • Works with the same mounting as previous Hach turbidimeters
  • 98% less surface area to clean
  • Match your lab and online results.

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