News | April 6, 2010

The New Ultrameter II By Myron L Company Now With Hardness Calculator, Free Chlorine Measurements And Wireless Data Transfer


The Ultrameter II still delivers the most accurate dissolved solids measurements of any instrumentation and the greatest degree of accuracy available for pH, ORP and Temperature measurements, but has been redesigned to include an LSI/Hardness Calculator, Free Chlorine measurements and Bluetooth® data transfer.

The hardness calculator is an analyzer that generates a Langelier Saturation Index value useful in determining how to modify hardness, pH or alkalinity to achieve balanced water. The user can accept inferred LSI calculations or input known values for pH, hardness or alkalinity to allow the calculator to determine the LSI value precisely. The user can also select from grains and ppm hardness units within the calculator.

ORP readings can be displayed as mV or ppm free chlorine. This new feature allows the Ultrameter II to measure a dynamic range of sanitizer concentrations wider than that of a colorimetric test kit.

The Ultrameter II can also transmit data wirelessly using Bluetooth® technology with the bluDock™ hardware option.

SOURCE: Myron L Company