Temetra® Cloud-Based Mobile Meter Data Collection And Management

Source: Itron

Temetra is Itron’s next-generation mobile meter data collection and management solution, providing you with new ways to optimize your operations and improve customer engagement. With full Itron Mobile integration, Temetra provides you with a complete, cutting-edge mobile data collection package in the cloud.


  • Automate meter reading using drive-by or walk-by and Itron’s advanced meters and endpoints
  • Collect visual reads, water probe reads and other valuable meter data
  • Improve meter reading efficiency with map-assisted meter reading on the mobile device
  • Collect and upload meter data in real time
  • Securely and easily access, store and manage data through the cloud
  • Quickly assign or reassign work based on meter and meter reader location via Temetra Geo-Routing
  • Increase customer satisfaction and engagement by providing access to meter history via the Customer Web Portal