Datasheet | June 1, 2016

SureSafe™ Filter Cartridges Datasheet

Source: Harmsco Filtration Products

Because HARMSCO® SureSafe™ cartridges are made with permanent Silver Zeolite fibers, the antibacterial capacity of the media never diminishes! In applications where the cartridge is cleaned and re-used, this protection never stops.

This technology inhibits the growth of Legionella on the filter cartridge in any environment.


  • Media contains Agion™ Silver Zeolite Technology
  • Cleanable and Reusable
  • gion™ Silver Zeolite Technology is FDA Tested as well as EPA Registered
  • EPA Registration No.: 71227-1-72854
  • Manufactured in EPA Establishment No.:
    • WPB: 87927-FL-001
    • Lake Wales: 87927-FL-002