Brochure | April 5, 2017

Everlast Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations Brochure

Source: Smith & Loveless, Inc.

The next generation S&L Non-Clog Pump, the STAR ONE™ starts with a number of proprietary features to deliver the water industry’s longest service life and highest efficiencies—including oversized stainless-steel pump shafts, oversized bearings, and bronze seal housings. Now, the STAR ONE™ S&L Non-Clog Pump offers 3-5 percent higher efficiencies than previous S&L Non-Clog Pumps—paving the way for significant energy cost savings over time.

Increased energy efficiency originates from improvements in S&L’s proprietary pump impeller design combined with NEMA Rated Premium Efficient Motors. It is a fully enclosed impeller design, which offers higher operating efficiencies in general than semi-open impellers that are found in submersible and self-priming pumps. The new impeller offers superior flow path balancing. By custom-trimming the impellers inside the shrouds for each application, the back shroud is left at full diameter and stringy materials are prevented from winding around the shaft, which can lower pump efficiencies. S&L Pump impellers never require recirculation ports like self-priming pumps, so no energy is wasted having to pump liquid a second time through the pump.

The standard STAR ONE™ S&L Pump’s dual-port impeller meets the 10 States Standard for solids handling wastewater pumps, passing 3” solids (7.6 cm) and rarely clogging.