News | November 3, 2011

S&L Introduces StationComm™ — 2-Way Pump Station Communication

Thanks to StationComm™, pump station monitoring and maintenance just got more efficient — and wireless. The cellular-based automated alarm texting system engineered by Smith & Loveless provides 2-way communication between user and pump station. Pump station operator professionals can now text pump stations to remotely operate and maintain the control panel. In addition, supervisors receive simultaneous messages while StationComm™ wirelessly sends sequential service messages to as many as ten different operators.

StationComm™ will automatically text pump station professionals with various alarm messages when these events occur. These messages include pump failure, prime failure, high water, power failure etc. Conversely, pump station professionals can remotely monitor current pump station status at any time with a simple text message through StationComm™. Various status checks include items like wet well level, pump run time, station temperature, flow rate, motor amperage etc.

Whether monitoring or maintaining, StationComm™ is there to ensure pump stations are operating efficiently and effectively. StationComm™ is there so you don’t need to be. This is now available for S&L Pump Stations as an option. To learn more, visit or contact Smith & Loveless at (800) 898-9122. Request bulletin #685, StationComm™.

SOURCE: Smith & Loveless, Inc.