SITRANS FS290 Portable Clamp-On Flow Meter Test Kit


Each measuring path is formed by two coordinated transducers that transmit ultrasonic signals back and forth through the pipe. Using the transmit and receive time difference between the two signals, caused by the flow in the pipe slowing the transit time against the flow and accelerating the time with the flow, the transmitter calculates the resulting flow measurement.

The transmitter performs analog signal processing for the transducers pair and digitalizes the generated measurements for display. The data measured can be recorded on the on board micro SD storage card. Data output can be user-defined or take place via either analog signal or Modbus RTU.

Users can install clamp-on transducers on the pipe during ongoing operation, which means the pipe is not disturbed and the flow does not need to be stopped ,for installation or service.

Siemens Process Instrumentation