SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station V3.0

SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station V3.0

Efficiently service and maintain intelligent field devices
Field devices are the eyes and ears of automation. The failure of a valve positioner, temperature, flow or pressure sensor can quickly lead to serious malfunction of the process. With SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station V3.0, Siemens offers the right solution for efficiently monitoring the condition of smart field devices, irrespective of the automation and control systems used


  • Stand-alone maintenance station for diagnostics and condition monitoring of field devices with EDD/DD/FDI technology
  • Use as stand-alone maintenance station for small and medium-sized facilities (up to 500 tags per maintenance station) in process and production automation (Additional MS’s can be added to increase tag count.)
  • Subsystem-specific use in large facilities
  • Central data access point of plant data for cloud based apps
  • Permits simultaneous access for 30 independent PDM web-clients users

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