Select-It™ Pump Selection Program

Source: Smith & Loveless, Inc.

The Select-It™ pump selection program from Smith & Loveless gives consulting engineers the ability to design entire Smith & Loveless pump stations online in just minutes with 24/7 access. Unlike any other program in the industry, Select-It eliminates the need for CAD requests and drastically reduces the time required to design a complete pump station. Users can select the optimal pump station based on desired criteria, including pump efficiency data, and save session work at any point in the process. The program provides all information and data required for complete station design, eliminating the need for CAD requests. The program is backed by support from Smith & Loveless and local representatives, who are available to work with consultants directly on pricing after the equipment selection portion.

Select-It users can design the entire station, including pump selection, customized system curves, wiring diagrams and calculation sheets for friction and station losses, wet well volumes and head conditions. The user can compare side-by-side scenarios based on available pump and force main selections generated from flow and head data. Engineers can then view project documents as CAD and PDF documents as well as automated calculation sheets for client and regulatory authority presentation.