Case Study

Retrofitting Diffusers Saves Money And Increases Overall Plant Efficiency In PA

Source: Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.

The village of Intercourse located in Leacock Township, PA was in need of a new wastewater treatment system. The system was to be efficient, reliable, and simple to operate and maintain. At the time, Sequencing Batch Reactor technology was emerging as an efficient and economical alternative to conventional flow-through systems. Knowing this, the township’s engineer, Rettew Associates, turned to Aqua-Aerobic Systems and began looking at the AquaSBR® system as a possible treatment system for Leacock Township. 

Following the evaluation of other treatment methods, Rettew and Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ local representative proposed to the township that the best option was a state-of-the-art AquaSBR system. The new plant would consist of a dual-basin system that would be designed to treat an average fl ow of 0.30 MGD and a peak fl ow of 0.75 MGD. Each of the basins would include retrievable coarse-bubble diffusers, AquaDDM® mixers and Aqua-Aerobic electric actuated decanters.