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Remote Monitoring And Maintenance Through Digitalization

Source: Siemens Process Instrumentation
Monitoring App

Siemens offers to our customers the ability to both make process measurements and to remotely monitor the activity and health of that instrumentation without the need for SCADA systems or other expensive process control room products. By utilizing Siemens’ ability to offer unparalleled flow, level, pressure, temperature, and weight measurement as well as valve control, we can provide a broad range of process measurements and offer unequaled monitoring of the health and performance of those products. In conjunction with Siemens Mindsphere, information can then be uploaded to the cloud and then used to provide you with real time monitoring of multiple assets, retrieving real time data from multiple remote sites for your user group, anywhere and anytime. In addition, you can receive alarms, alerts & notifications without delay. And all of this can be sent directly to your tablet or phone. Here are just a couple of applications utilizing our Siemens monitoring capabilities.

Siemens Process Instrumentation