Webinar | August 29, 2019

Ready, AIMS, Fire: Advances In Arsenic, Iron, Manganese, And Sulfide Removal

Source: AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.

Arsenic, iron, manganese, and sulfide (AIMS) are common groundwater contaminants that have serious concerns both aesthetically and from a health perspective. Well-established treatment processes — oxidation/filtration and coagulation/filtration — are the industry standard for treating these contaminants; however, innovative medias can provide many benefits that traditional technologies lack, such as lower capital and operating costs. AdEdge’s ADGS+, AD26, and AD26L are examples of medias that tackle multiple contaminants in an efficient manner and in a single treatment process without the need for additional, and often costly, equipment.

This presentation will use case studies and lessons learned from the field to illustrate that one type of media does not fit all to meet water quality, budgetary, and scheduling needs.

AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.