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Our passion for clean water drives our company to apply and deliver water purification technologies that improve the quality of people's lives, enhance the environment, and grow economies throughout the world. We seek to steward the knowledge, resources, and blessings we have received to serve others and our community.

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Video: AdEdge Arsenic Removal Treatment System - Customer Testimonial, Anthony, NM   Fighting India's Arsenic Problem   Water Online Radio: Troubled Water Film Brings Arsenic Removal To The Big Screen
Video: AdEdge Arsenic Removal Treatment System - Customer Testimonial, Anthony, NM   Fighting India’s Arsenic Problem   Water Online Radio: Troubled Water Film Brings Arsenic Removal To The Big Screen


NoMonia Biotreatment Solutions NoMonia Biotreatment Solutions

NoMonia is a dual-stage engineered biotreatment process that relies on naturally occurring bacteria. Typically, the amount of ammonia that can be oxidized during the natural nitrification process is limited by oxygen availability and its saturation level in the water.

E33 Adsorption Systems E33 Adsorption Systems

In the adsorption process, contaminants break their bond with the water molecules and chemically adhere to a filter media. This is typically accomplished by directing the water flow through pressure vessels containing the filter media at a rate that allows enough contact time for adsorption to occur. AdEdge Water Technologies’ Bayoxide E33 adsorption media is the industry standard for arsenic removal. This granular ferric oxide media reduces up to 99% total arsenic, including both Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (V).

InGenius Programmable Logic Controller InGenius Programmable Logic Controller

AdEdge InGenius™ control panels are custom-engineered programmable logic control panels designed to meet site specifications for monitoring and integrating AdEdge designed treatment systems with auxiliary equipment and controls for water systems.

Media Replacement Services Media Replacement Services

With hundreds of systems installed throughout North America, no other company has more experience and know-how to provide a full service media replacement than AdEdge.

AdVantEdge Residential Treatment Solutions by AdEdge AdVantEdge Residential Treatment Solutions by AdEdge

The AdVantEdge™ line of products from AdEdge is a complete line of water treatment products to remove arsenic from drinking water in individual households.  The AdVantEdge residential product line includes single tap or point-of-use (POU) systems and whole house or point-of-entry (POE) systems.  Each system uses GFO adsorptive media that has been proven to be the best media for removing both Arsenic III and Arsenic V in several EPA demonstration sites, third-party comparison tests, and by the thousands of successful residential and community water systems across the country.

biottta® Biotreatment Packaged Plants biottta® Biotreatment Packaged Plants

Groundwater is the primary water source for most communities in North America. biottta® leverages nature to offer an affordable and sustainable solution for wellhead treatment of inorganic and organic contaminants.



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Founded in 2002 and headquartered just north of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, AdEdge Water Technologies specializes in the development and supply of innovative technologies, adsorbent-based products, and systems that remove contaminants from process or aqueous steams. AdEdge offers a full range of conventional and innovative treatment technologies including adsorption, coagulation/filtration, ion exchange, metals precipitation, advanced oxidation, and membrane based solutions.

Our technology and products enable our customers to manage the a variety of industries...with outstanding results. They include; drinking water, industrial process, environmental, chemical, energy, medical, and general waste water industries. AdEdge has extensive experience in the removal of arsenic, iron, manganese, fluoride and uranium from water, and to date has installed hundreds of water systems for public, municipal, and industrial clients throughout North America as well as some projects in some of the most challenging locations in the world including China and Indonesia.

To date, AdEdge has been awarded 12 EPA arsenic removal demonstration projects...more than any other company in North America. We have also successfully implemented systems that serve larger communities, providing a low cost, low maintenance solution providing long term ROI with assured safe , drinking water and no hazardous or environmental waste residuals.

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