R450 System Makes Utility Operations Visual

Source: Neptune Technology Group Inc.

Problems with Non-Revenue Water? Wasting time and money on truck rolls for off-cycle meter readings? Dealing with customer complaints over high water bills? Get a fix on the solution with Neptune’s R450™ System and get it all fixed from the start.

Using the latest high-power, two-way communications of licensed R450 radio frequency technology, the R450 System’s cost-efficient fixed network infrastructure means never having to send out readers for meter readings — the readings all come to you. And integrated Esri® GIS mapping allows you to view critical conditions and infrastructure status throughout your service areas from the comfort and safety of the office. It’s easy to collect and interpret the data you need to take action, as well as get priority alarm notifications for critical system conditions such as continuous or intermittent leaks, or backflows.

Together with N_SIGHT™ PLUS software and N_SIGHT™ IQ Intelligent Data and Analytics, the R450 System provides graphical representation of system conditions and customer consumption, while giving consumers the opportunity to see their usage for themselves and take more control.