Article | August 24, 2017

Precision Agriculture Requires Precision Measurement

Source: KROHNE, Inc.
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By Mark Trapolino, KROHNE Inc.

Precision Agriculture Requires Precision Measurement

Devices ensure precision fertilizer application while reducing air and water quality issues

Puck Custom Enterprises (PCE) is passionate about helping the animal agriculture industry be good stewards of the environment. The Iowa-based company, which designs, builds, and sells manure management equipment, wants to help its customers be responsible about the animal nutrients they put into the ground. Measurement tools are the key to success in reducing air quality and water quality issues associated with manure management. That is why PCE has incorporated a range of sophisticated measurement tools into its systems, including magnetic flow meters designed specifically for agricultural use, pressure sensors, tank level measurement instruments, and compact temperature sensors. PCE was recently recognized for its success when the Small Business Administration named Ben Puck, founder and president of Puck Custom Enterprises, as the “Iowa Small Business Person of the Year.”