PISTA® VIO™ Variable Inlet & Outlet Grit Removal System


The PISTA® VIO™ Grit Removal System provides unprecedented application flexibility and superior grit removal efficiencies with a design that allows for full variability of the inlet and outlet channels.

PISTA® VIO™ features a hydraulic vortex grit chamber design that utilizes a new baffle system.

This type of grit removal system —one of the first of its kind in the industry—provides the ability to design the inlet and outlet channels at any variable angle up to the full 360° of the chamber. Designers can flexibly arrange the system to fit existing sites, or maximize space during construction on new sites.

This new baffle system, in addition to providing application flexibility, also offers superior grit removal efficiencies. 

Capacities up to 100 MGD (378,500 cmd)
Arrangement Variable inlet / outlet up to 360°
Removal% 95% down to 140 mesh (105 µ)

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