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06.02.23 -- Payback For PFAS; Improving LSL Strategy; Wastewater Treatment Challenges And Solutions

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Water Innovations
Editorial From The Latest Water Innovations:
When Almost Perfect Isn't Good Enough
By Kevin Westerling
Despite statistically astounding performance, water and wastewater utilities have almost no room for error due to the nature of public perception and the importance of their work.
PFAS Payback: How Utilities Can Hold Polluters Accountable
By Ken Sansone
As the federal government ramps up the regulatory process for enforceable limits on PFAS in drinking water, estimated to cost billions annually, an environmental attorney details how utilities can hold polluters — instead of ratepayers — financially responsible.
Houston, We Have A Solution: Enhancing The Water Digital Twin Using Machine Learning
By Charlie He and Wen Zhao
How artificial intelligence is assisting the digital twin to benefit Houston’s water utilities and citizens.
Roundup On High-Strength Wastewater: Treatment Challenges And Solutions
By Stephanie Beadle
Wastewater is by nature a nuisance, but there are especially difficult varieties, covered herein, that can cripple onsite systems if not understood and handled properly.
How To Evaluate Predictive Models For Lead Service Line Inventory And Replacement
By Jared Webb and Dunrie Greiling
Get an accurate service line material prediction for Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) compliance by avoiding modeling pitfalls.
Forward-Thinking Utility Knows The Value Of Advanced Technology
By Cody P. Bann
Renewable Water Resources looks to remote alarm notification software to improve efficiency and avert problems.
Keeping Tabs On Water Consumption And The Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Market
By Pooja Sharma
Population growth and increasing prosperity, along with environmental stressors and regulatory mandates, amplify the need for wastewater treatment and chemicals.
Water Innovations
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