Source: Bilfinger Water Technologies


The PASSAVANT® surface brush aerator MAMMUTROTOR® provides a transfer of oxygen into the activated sludge tank and optimal mixing of the activated sludge, ensuring an even distribution of biomass, organics and oxygenated water creating ideal conditions for biological activity.

The transfer of oxygen can be regulated in various ways; by the connection or disconnection of complete units, an adjustment of the immersion depth or modification of the rotor speed by means of pole changing or frequency conversion. These features enable flexible use of the MAMMUTROTOR® in different operational modes and for diverse control strategies.

Fields of application
The MAMMUTROTOR® is deployed as a surface brush aerator in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. The scope of its applications range from simple oxidation ditches with only a few population equivalents, to large-scale wastewater treatment plants, and from the often more uniform composition of food industry effluents to the more complicated wastewater of the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry. An ideal solution to these varying tasks can be found in the application of the MAMMUTROTOR®.